Among the things that makes Linux specific is that it really may play fine with other systems. It’s possible for you to run Linux along with other operating systems rather easily. The most reliable or fail safe method of installation will be to set up a Brand New Installation of Linux as a standalone operating system. This enables the computer to commit  its resources to fully running Linux. The most preferred way and by far the easiest method. There are many online tutorials or resources available on the net to help those wishing to install this great operating system. Should the task be overwhelming, one can consult experts like linux computer repairs specialists to help with this or any other pc problem.


Listed below are the most common methods of  installing/running Linux on your computer

Writer’s Note: Dual-booting between Linux and Windows has become somewhat less popular as a result of growth of Virtual Machines. You might need to think about running being a VM inside of some other os Linux alternatively, if you want to try running two os s.

Dual-booting – In the event that you need to keep a current operating setup, and install Linux too, you’ll have what is recognized as a “dual-boot” system. That indicates you possess a PC that may use two different systems, and throughout the boot process you’ll need to determine which one which you desire to boot into.

Here is a good video you can watch!

If you’re merely seeking to take linux out for a spin so to speak, but do not wish wipe out your primary operating system, you might consider running Linux from a Live boot CD/DVD.  The files are loaded in to your personal computer’s memory, instead of being run on the hard drive. In layman’s terms, this implies you could run Linux from the CD/DVD, and then whenever you re-boot your PERSONAL computer, and remove the CD/DVD, it’ll boot back in its old operating system without any difference to your own PERSONAL computer. This provides a simple method for those wishing to try out the many distributions of linux out there in the market before deciding on one which suits them the most!

Running Linux as a VM inside another Operating System… another possibility!

Should you like your present (non linux) desktop os, but would like a  means to get a Linux desktop or run your preferred open source software, you might need to think about running Linux as VM inside yet another os. That means databases, word-processing, spreadsheets, Web browsers, email, picture editing, MP3, CD Players, cameras can all be handled within a virtual environment thereby enjoying the best of both worlds, the power of linux and the flexibility of Windows .